GeoGebra and Desmos

GeoGebra is an amazing piece of free software for visualizing and demonstrating math concepts.  It is an awesome tool for creating dynamic constructions but we won’t be focusing on that today.  Instead we will be using GeoGebra as a function grapher with great flexibility to adjust window settings and change graphs dynamically using “sliders.”  More about those soon.

Desmos is another free option for visualizing and demonstrating math ideas, graphs and concepts.  It has fewer features than GeoGebra but it runs in a web browser and doesn’t require you (or your students) to install any software =)


Choose your own adventure! (pick the right tool for the job)

GeoGebra – Do this if you like lots of features and support PC or MAC… Doesn’t work with iPad yet

1.  Visit: to download the free software

2.  Install it.

3.  When you run it for the first time it may also prompt you to install Java (please do so if needed)

4.  Run it.  You should see a screen that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 8.54.34 PM

5. Watch this short video to get started:

6.  Explore!  Be sure to ask questions =)

Need more help?  Try these links out:

The GeoGebra wiki (help center):

  • This site gives you tons of help in the form of tutorials and reference guides.  This is the place to go for help.

Additional tutorials (user generated):

  • More awesome tutorials I’ve used with my high school students “as-is”


Desmos – You can run this entirely in your browser (PC or MAC) or via an iPad App  You can get up and running with this more quickly than with GeoGebra but it does have fewer features…


1.  Download the iPad App or visit

(it may prompt you to download a newer browser… if so please follow instructions)

2.  It should look like this:


3. Try graphing f(x)=a*x+b  (just type it in)

(It will prompt you to add a “slider” for a and b.  Be sure to do this.)

4.  Go explore!

See Dangerous David prompt here