Radical Collaboration

Glenn Williams and I are team teaching this year. But it’s likely not what you are thinking. I’ve team taught before, but not like this. This isn’t like anything I’ve ever thought to think of before and I’m guessing that this kind of collaboration is unknown to most all of you who have spent your years teaching in a comprehensive public high school. The word collaboration has been ruined for most of us by the one hour block of time that we get each week to work closely with our colleagues on something of value and relevance to our teaching. What we did wasn’t collaboration; what we did was cooperation and sharing of resources. Collaboration is something entirely different, especially collaborating with Glenn.

Glenn loves.

He loves language. He loves an unexpected return to both his wicked table tennis forehand and his witty banter. He loves roasted almonds, oil-packed sardines and making others feel special. Glenn is a kind man who is quickly becoming my friend and confidant; possibly against his will. I know this about Glenn because we collaborate. I’m learning that collaboration isn’t sharing teaching ideas with colleagues, its sharing life with friends. We are developing our style and beginning to grow in our trust of one another as evidenced by our grandstanding, trash-talking and gentle jabs at the other’s weak spots.  Glenn is a stickler when it comes to grammatical accuracy but his measurement skills leave something to be desired.  *Cough cough*  carpet  *cough*

Glenn and I are team teaching this year and if our first week and a half together is any indication then it is going to be a blast.