Convincing Data

We are still in the “Data Analysis” unit in our Algebra 1 class and we are all set to talk about Correlation and Causality.  I’ve got some great worksheets (yes, such a thing exists) but my ongoing concern is that I miss the opportunity for students to see math as meaningful. I really want to […]

A matter of data

I’m teaching an algebra unit called “Analyzing Data.”  We’re doing basic stuff really and each year in the past its gone pretty well.  But I’m not too great at doing the same thing each year. I tend to get bored once I feel like I’ve found one particular solution to a given problem. So this […]

More GeoGebra Goodness

My students are using GeoGebra again today and yes, it is still just as amazing as I previously thought.  Today both my Pre-Calculus and Calculus classes are using it.  The Pre-Calculus activity was awesome and it generated lots of discussion and exploration today. Before I tell you about it though, I think you should watch […]

Revisiting my commitment

Last year I re-established my commitment to use technology that was meaningful for learning.  I have spent most of today working on building various presentations and generally geeking-out with the tools. I have re-discovered some pitfalls that have caught me in the past.  First, it is so very tempting to sit down with a new […]

Getting started

Its that time again.  I am getting my classroom setup and planning some lessons.  I hope to be posting stuff I find and reflections as things get moving here.  I found this: prezi and I am pretty proud of it.  I made it a few years ago and I still like it quite a bit.

Mindset: King of Kong

Truth is stranger than fiction. It is also more awesome. In our continuing conversation about Mindset (previous posts: 1 & 2) in my two AP Calculus classes we are going to watch and evaluate the two main characters Billy and Steve through the growth and fixed mindset filters from Carol Dweck’s work. The story is […]

Mindset, Rhetoric and Logical Fallacy

The following is a continuation to the previous post regarding my AP Calculus classes and our work together reading and discussing the book Mindset, by Carol Dweck, PhD. I have two sections of Calculus this year and though we have started in the same place with our discussion on this book, these two classes could […]