Learner // I’m curious about my world and love purposeful, exploratory mathematics & creative coding. Reading: The Joy of X, The Design and Analysis Of Algorithms, Blink, The Elements of Computing SystemsDaring Fireball,  The Nature of Code, Visualizing Data, Programming Interactivity, Inspired By: Seymour Papert, Charley Harper, Gever Tulley, Bees & Bombs, Daniel Shiffman’s Coding Train, Saskia Freeke, & my family. Current favorite Gary Stager Quote: “Any teacher that can be replaced by a computer or YouTube, probably should be.” Previous favorite Gary Stager Quote: “Its the job of the teacher to introduce his/her students to things they don’t know they love yet.”

Maker // In my first three iterations as a teacher at Riverpoint Academy, I designed and ran our Makerspace. Glenn Williams and I created a frenetic & beautiful humanities + manufacturing + physical computing course called, “Inventioneering” and pushed our students with outrageous deadlines, professional software/hardware, micro controllers and human stories. Our students designed real things, for real people. My favorite personal projects are my Coffee Table Arcade, Simple Pedal Board and Pascal’s Dots Pedestal (collaboration with my students Taylor, Lexi and Anna)

Developer // I love algorithms and novel solutions to problems. I’m all about recreating the wheel so I can figure out how it works. I’m an aspiring creative coder and want to grow as an artist. I spent some time with a Logo implementation in Swift this summer. I’m on GitHub, I love projecteuler.net, I tolerate Visual Basic, enjoy Mathematica & functional programming, but my heart will always belong to Processing. SRSLY, So. Much. Fun. I made a daily report app written in the Wolfram Language to facilitate our Khan Academy coaching and real-time reporting. Earlier this summer I made a way to control and AxiDraw with by waving my hands in the air. I’m currently building an iOS app I’m pretty excited about. Not much to report yet, other than the name.

Teacher // This is what I was created to do.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with high school students across many disciplines, and am convinced that meaningful learning is most probable in a project-based context. I’m a former behaviorist who fell in love with Papert’s Constructionsim.  Struggle is essential to learning, as are quality tasks. I’m learning to be less helpful and to better coach my students.  Happy to report that I perform my knowledge for students far less often these days.