Learner // I’m curious polymath. I love exploring mathematics with others, creative coding, rhetoric, functional programming, interpersonal communication, football coaching philosophy, and RC Airplanes. I’m currently reading: CodersRange, The Design and Analysis Of AlgorithmsDaring Fireball,  Swift by SundellThe Nature of Code, and The Pragmatic Programmer. I’m Inspired By: Seymour PapertCharley HarperGever TulleyBees & BombsDaniel ShiffmanSaskia FreekeFliteTest, & my family. Current favorite Gary Stager Quote: “Any teacher that can be replaced by a computer or YouTube, probably should be.” Previous favorite Gary Stager Quote: “Its the job of the teacher to introduce his/her students to things they don’t know they love yet.”

Maker // I designed our Makerspace at the incomparable Riverpoint Academy. Glenn Williams and I created a frenetic & beautiful humanities + manufacturing + physical computing course called, “Inventioneering.” We pushed our students with outrageous deadlines, professional software/hardware, microcontrollers and human stories. Our students designed real things, for real people. My favorite personal projects are my Coffee Table Arcade, Simple Pedal Board and Pascal’s Dots Code (collaboration with my students Taylor, Lexi and Anna). A giant Spirograph, in collaboration with my friend artist Carl Richardson. Our AxiDraw. An RC Airplane datalogger – a custom circuit combining the Adafruit Feather M0 Data loggerAdafruit MPL3115A2 Altimeter & Barometric pressure sensor, & MPXV7002 Airspeed Sensor.  Pictures & Arduino code and Wolfram Language code.

Developer // I love algorithms and exploring multiple solutions to programming problems. I’m a creative coder, iOS developer, and aspiring artist. I love Project Euler, I enjoy writing Swift and Wolfram Language code. But truth be told, my heart will always belong to Processing. SRSLY, So. Much. Fun. I made a Khan Academy coaching app written in the Wolfram Language to facilitate real-time reporting for Riverpoint Academy teachers. A Processing sketch to control the AxiDraw with a Kinect sensor. ChoiceTracker iOS – an app to help you focus and track progress toward your goals. I worked with high school students to build pincushion – a native iOS app to manage dress fittings and alterations contracts for the wedding industry. You can see our team Trello board here. I’ve got a mileage tracking app in the works too.

Educator // This is what I was created to do. I’ve had the opportunity to work with high school students across many disciplines, and am convinced that meaningful learning is most probable in a project-based context. I’m a former behaviorist who fell in love with Papert’s Constructionsim. Struggle is essential to learning, as are quality tasks. I’m learning to be less helpful and to better coach my students. I’m happy to report that I perform my knowledge for students far less often these days.

My passion for learning is fueled by the opportunity to share it with others. I’m deeply collaborative and am an accomplished project manager of student and adult teams. I’m a multi-paradigm educator who can manage student projects, guide student explorations, lecture effectively, conduct socratic seminars and writer’s workshops.

Consultant //
I’m overjoyed to be working with Gizmo in this year ahead. I’ll be training preservice and inservice teachers in North Idaho to design and support 21st Century classrooms. I’ll be writing about the work, and you can follow me here. Teachers will be doing the same work they’ll ask their students to engage in: making to learn, learning the power of iteration, human-centered design, and empathy for all.

In my six years at Riverpoint Academy I’ve gained considerable expertise in Maker learning, Human-centered design and empathy in education. I’m an expert collaborator, leader, teammate, experienced PD provider and effective communicator.

I’m deeply interested in the intersection of mathematical thinking and computer science. I’ve spoken about this work, you can see my teaching partner and me present at the Wolfram Technology Conference here

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